Beware of phone scams related to tech support -A warning from Sach Solutions

    Sach Solutions warns you against phone calls from third party vendors claiming that they are calling on behalf of a brand name such as Microsoft or any antivirus program, and considers them as scam. It is highly important for customers to be totally aware that they can get caught in such a trap by one way or another.

    The customer has to be fully aware of the fact that the cybercriminals do not only shoot fake email messages but they are experts in setting up fraudulent websites. They will call you claiming to be agents of Microsoft or Sach Solutions, but if the customer trusts their words, he is going to land in big trouble!

    They will pester you with tempting offers such as instant computer solutions or a lifetime software license, but do not trust these fraudsters at all. Remember, if these people take control of your computer, you are going to be in a big trouble.

    What’s the modus operandi of these scammers?

    First of all they will trick you into installing malicious software that is designed to steal your sensitive personal information such as bank account details and passwords. Their nefarious activity doesn’t end here. Once they are done with the “installation”, they will charge you a hefty fee to remove the so called “virus” or “malware”. Then, they will ask you to visit some rogue sites and ask you to download software from there.

    After that, they will

  • Take total control of your computer
  • Play with the settings and leave your system in worst condition ever
  • Extract your credit card or debit card information to extract money for their “service”
  • They can also send you to fake payment gateways and steal your credit card data

    Sach Solutions Security Advisory

    We would like to inform you that Sach Solutions does not make unsolicited phone calls. Always disconnect such calls and call our toll free number 1-888-793-3567 to verify it. You can also take down the person’s name and contact number and inform it to Sach Solutions. Your privacy and security is our topmost concern.

    Tricks the cybercriminals employ

  • Remember they can take your phone number and personal information through public phone directories and other channels. So, they can call you by your first name as if they know you personally.
  • They can claim they are calling from organizations such as Microsoft, Windows HelpDesk, Microsoft tech support, Microsoft R&D team, Norton Antivirus, or Sach Solutions etc.
  • Protection measures

  • Don’t purchase or update any service or software from these callers
  • Hang up the phone, if they pitch you for a subscription fee
  • Don’t allow someone to take remote access of your computer especially if they are a third party and not the sole representatives of a CS team with whom you are already a customer.
  • Note down the crucial information of caller and later report it to the concerned authorities.
  • If someone claims to be from Sach solutions Tech Support or Microsoft Tech Support, do not provide him any financial information like credit cards etc.
  • Measures to take if information is already released to fake tech-support scammers

    Immediately change all passwords that you can recall related to emails and financial institutions or banks. The second step is to run a computer scan with Microsoft Safety Scanner and later install Microsoft Security Essentials. Remember, even if someone calls you for installation of any such product, treat it as scam. Do not trust him.

    Do Microsoft or Sach Solutions actually call?

    They can probably call you especially if there is a recent clean up as far as botnet breakdown actions are concerned. Remember, these calls may come from a tech support executive with whom you already have some customer relations. Microsoft or Sach Solutions or their associates will never give a call to fix your computer.


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